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          汇报题目: UR 2019-- (The 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots) 参会报告

          汇报时间:2019年7月9日 19:00



          会议名称:The 16th International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots

          会议时间:24-27 June 2019

          会议地点:Jeju, Korea

          会议简介: Since its inception in 2004, Ubiquitous Robots has now established itself as a leading mid-size robotics conference, bringing together robotics researchers from around the world who share the vision that robots, like mobile phones, will become ubiquitous in our daily lives, and help connect and empower humans. Robotics is the ultimate interdisciplinary field, and Ubiquitous Robots invites contributions from the entire foundational spectrum—design, perception, manipulation, interfaces, mobility, intelligence—and application domains— industrial, social, transportation, medical, rehabilitation, healthcare, agriculture, construction, security, disaster, and many others.


          Title:Performance Evaluation of a “Switch-To-Target” Based Asynchronous SSVEP BCI Paradigm

          Author:Yubin Zhang, Jun Xie, Guanghua Xu, Peng Fang, Guangjing Du, Xiaodong Zhang, Min Li, Sicong Zhang, Tangfei Tao, and Hua Yuan

          Title:A 3D-printed soft hand exoskeleton with finger abduction assistance

          Author:Min Li, Yueyan Zhuo, Bo He, Ziting Liang, Guanghua Xu, Jun Xie, Sicong Zhang

          Title:Pose Estimation Technique of Scattered Pistons Based on CAD Model and Global Feature

          Author:Tangfei Tao, Jiayu Xu, Xiang Zheng, Hua He, Sicong Zhang,Ming Li, Guanghua Xu

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